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Fans in The Music Industry

Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the most important contributing factors in the growth of an artists fan-bas is how they interact with their fans. Technological advancements has put forth the need for an artist to be more interactive with his/her fans and vice-versa. These interaction often end up in further publicity of the artist which in turn increases his growing fan-base and also give the fan information on the character of the artist. This interaction also keeps the fan updated with the latest news with respect to the artist, be it may a show or even a new song (Pencheco, n.d.).

Different types of interactions with fans were discussed in class during the lecture hours which poured light on the various strategies employed in these interactions. Some of these strategies include uploading videos from time to time for your fans, using social media platforms to have discussions with your followers, engaging in pre-show meeting with your fan-base, requesting your fans for help in the form of doable tasks and many more (Inc, 2016).

There are many artists such as 'chance the rapper' who have blown up just because of the social media presence and interactions. This can also come in handy as the greater your following the more likely you are to get shows as you will have a larger crowd present to attend. It is also important to distinguish your regular fans and super fans, super fans being the ones that have been part of  your following for a long time and always play a role in discussion with respect to your work. Keeping these super-fans satisfied by taking some of their ideas into consideration and asking for their opinions is also an effective way of keeping your followers satisfied and  wanting for more. For example you could take their opinions for song titles or even their suggestion with respect to album artwork.

In conclusion the importance of fan interactions plays a crucial role in the growth of an artists career, this can usually be done by means of a public relations team or even personally by the artist himself but the thing to keep in mind is to always keep the fans satisfied and wanting for more.

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