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Using Data for Targeted Marketing

The dawn of the digital era has enabled us to accumulate data and use it for reaching a more targeted market. This was mainly possible due to the various algorithms and programs embedded with different social networking platforms to give us concise interpretation of that data. Platforms such as Soundcloud allow the user to find out their day to day traffic on their page and provides you with a graphical analysis of that information , same is the case with many other social platforms. This information comes in handy not only to better target your market but also in case of many startups determine their customer acquisition cost (Braker, 2016) .

The discussion that occurred in the classroom regarding the topic leaned towards similar ideologies. The example made by lecturer H. Mustafa on how the editors of Netflix decided to display a scene in the pilot of the TV show "House of cards" to capture their target audience based on the content in the screen with the help of the number of views dropped at that particular time at which that episode aired is a fine example of how teams use information for targeted marketing and this also enabled the team at Netflix to capture their audience with respect to that show.

There exists a numerous strategies to implement targeted marketing , some of which include, targeting the events people follow, targeted content marketing based on trends, targeting by social platforms and social influences, targeting emails with matched social data and many more (Arnold, 2015).

The application of these strategies based on our requirements greatly simplifies the way we reach our customers or audience. Be it may a business or a work of art, it is quiet crucial to identify the targeted audience to build a brand around that concept. For example if you are producer of an electronic style of music such as Psychedelic trance which already comprises of a narrow spectrum of listeners it would not be a good move to target the electronic music spectrum as a whole but rather identify your audience through social platforms or groups and divert traffic from there onto your page.

In conclusion the effective application of these strategies has made it quite simple for an individual to get his / her brand or product out in the open and better communicate with their target groups.

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