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Social Media and Your Career

In today's day and age social media has become an important aspect of our lives and a bulk of the mass including the adults devote quite a bit of their time on various social platforms as it brings forth a sense of community. Different platforms consist of subgroups within them to target different age groups of the demography and these subgroups also have the capability of uniting people with similar interests. The existence of these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and many more has simplified how and an individual can create a brand as well as build a fan base for himself.

The different strategies and approaches to building a brand on social media were discussed in class along with personalized pointers with respect to each student. The discussions emphasized on how one must start his networking through social media at an early stage of their career, how one must remain active on their domain, how to build a brand, how to create an exposure and lastly how to approach different followers on your platform (Joe, n.d.).

Another important aspect of social media to take into consideration is the use to cross social media platforms to drive traffic from one platform to the other. For example if you are a music producer you probably would put out your music on platforms such as Beatport, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or apple music but the problem with these platforms is that it is hard to build a fan-base immediately. So one solution to this problem would be to also create your presence on other platforms such as Facebook where you might already have a big follower-ship and drive traffic from that platform to the other platform by sharing links to your work (Kalish, 2016).

Our social media aesthetics translate our brand name and identity, for example we at Converging sounds follow a definite color code and format which makes our content stand out. Drop by our YouTube or Instagram to have a look.

Alternatively you can also check out our website design and the artwork we've used for our beat packs.

Another good example would be how we've modeled our beatstore following a color code and appearance style that matches our brand

In conclusion the use of social media platforms is an excellent way to create a brand for yourself and with exponentially growing trends in digital marketing via these platforms the concept of building a following has never been easier.


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